alleys of vancouver

alleys of vancouver


 (i.) why photograph mainstream city-dwellers

when fringes of society can be documented


here, true bohemians

live and congregate



(ii.) ignore odors of excrement

surrounding permanent shelters

constructed with flattened cardboard


disregard screams of

pain as pleasure

races through bloodstreams



(iii.) fragrant

burnt weeds

shroud the air


hazy clouds funnel

themselves, altering strangers’

states of consciousness


evenings spent



protruding needles surreptitiously standing erect



out of breath

coughing out


ingesting sweets

handed to you

by strangers



(iv.) never again



-david zhang

vancouver is mostly recognized for its aesthetics and intent to become one of the greenest cities in the globe. while vancouver’s city core is well-maintained and ‘filled with culture,’ there are so many crevices in the city that are neglected. this photo series aims to highlight some of the most overlooked regions of vancouver within the downtown core

That's a wrap, everyone! Stay tuned for my New York City series.